List of the Reviewers

Journal Of Contemporary Urban Affairs would like to acknowledge the following reviewers for their assistance with peer review of manuscripts for issues. Their comments and suggestions were of great help to the authors in improving the quality of the papers published in this journal. Each of the reviewers listed below per year returned at least one review.

A: Annual List of Reviewers

» List of reviewers for the year 2022

» List of reviewers for the year 2021

» List of reviewers for the year 2020

» List of reviewers for the year 2019

» List of reviewers for the year 2018

Thank you, Reviewers!!!

B: Review team

From the below list, you may find our updated review team for the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs. We are in contact with our review team and in case if they are assigned as a reviewer to review at least one article for the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, their name will be listed in our annual list of reviewers.  

Section A: Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Chris Watts,

Chris Watts Lighting Design Limited, UK

Topics: Lighting Design.


Peng Du,

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Topics: Life-Cycle Analysis, Net-Zero, Sustainability, Energy.


Wendy W Fok,

Parsons, The New School, USA

Topics: Future of Urban Living, Urban Policy, Design, Creative Entrepreneurship, Fabrication, Intellectual Property.


İsmet Esenyel,

Girne American University, K.K.T.C

Topics: Tourism and Hospitality Management, International Hotel Management, E-tourism, Resort Development Management, Human Resources, Supervisory Skills ın Hospitality, Ecotourism.


Maryam Marzbani,

Islamic Azad University, Iran

Topics: Sustainability, Housing, Walkability, Smart City, Urban Sprawl.


Xuanyi Nie,

Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA

Topics: land policy, urban governance, municipal finance, healthcare policy, financial geography.


Phuong Mai NGUYEN

Faculty of Economics and Management, International School, Vietnam National University Hanoi, Vietnam

Topics: Sustainable consumption, Corporate social responsibility, Consumer behaviour, green growth.


Roberto Alonso González-Lezcano

Department of Architecture and Design, Escuela Politécnica Superior, Montepríncipe Campus, Universidad San Pablo CEU, CEU Universities, 28668 Madrid, Spain

Topics: Sustainability, Public health, energy management, Human Behavior and cities, quality of urban life.


Mohammad Ilbeigi

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering (CEOE), Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Topics: Smart Cities, Resiliency, Disaster Management, Infrastructure Systems.


Miguel Jose das Neves Pires Amado

CERIS, IST, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Topics: Spatial planning, urbanism, sustainable development.


Qaiser Mohi Ud DIn

Department of Business Administration, School of Economics and Management, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Topics: Inequalities and diversities, Well-Being, Human behaviour and cities, Social distress, Psychology.


Shi-Hao Huang

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech), Taipei 10608, Taiwan

Topics: public health, human behaviour and cities, multiculturalism, inequality and diversity, and social distress.


Yao-Ching Huang

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech), Taipei 10608, Taiwan

Topics: Public Health, Human behaviour and cities, Multiculturality: Inequalities and diversities, Social distress, Psychology.


 Noman Sahito

Department of City and Regional Planning, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh Pakistan

Topics: Sustainability, Urban Mobility, Urban Complexity, Spatial Planning, • Urban Management and Economics


Nicola Valentino Canessa

UNIGE | University of Genova (IT) - dAD | Department of Architecture and Design, Italy

Topics: Territorial planning, Regional Planning,  Landscape Architecture, Heritage Preservation, Tourism and economical sustainability, Community development, Mediterranean Architecture and Urbanism, Smart Cities, Sustainable Urban Development, Walkable cities, Participatory project, Urban Ecology, Urban and Social Identities.


Shahid Ali, Dr.

School of Management Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China

Topics: Globalization, Ecological footprints, Carbon emission, Governance, Human development.


Shishay Kiros Weldegebriel

Rift valley university, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Topics: urban ecology, city planning, regional planning, GIS and remote sensing.


Rabia Ahmed Qureshi,

Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Department of Architecture, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Topics: Sustainable Development, Architecture, Climate Change, Sustainability, Built Environment.


María del Carmen Olmos Gómez,

Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education, Faculty of Education and Sport Science,  University of Granada, 52005 Melilla, Spain

Topics: Urban and social Identities, , Participatory project,  Urban and Social Identities, Well-Being, Quality of urban life, Public Health, Human behaviour and cities, Multiculturality: Inequalities and diversities, Social distress, Psychology.


Shimei LI,

Faculty of Forestry, College of Landscape Architecture and Forestry, Qingdao Agricultural University, China

Topics: urban ecology, urban ecosystem services, urban forest, urban spatial divergences, urban landscapes.


Paulo Rubens Guimarães Barrocas,

Environmental Health and Sanitation Department of National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil

Topics: Environmental Health, Sanitation, Drinking Water Quality, Pollution, Risk Assessment of contaminated areas, Climate change.


Polin Kumar Saha,

Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Research Unit, Global Research and Marketing (GRM), Bangladesh

Topics: Sustainability, Environmental Assessment, Sustainable Development, Urban Development, Product Development, Tourism, Research Methods, Development.


Paraskevi Karanikola,

Faculty of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

Topics: Sustainable Urban Development, Walkable cities, environmental awareness.


Huiming Liu,

Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau

Topics: Urban Morphology, Place Identity, Public Space Design, Environmental Behaviors.


Syed Abdul Rehman Khan,

School of Engineering and Management, Xuzhou University of Technology, China

Topics: Sustainable development, Green economy, Renewable energy, Green practices, Sustainable supply chain.


Mustafa Aziz Amen,

Faculty of Design, Design department,  The American University of Kurdistan,  Iraq

Topics: Urban Studies, Urban Street Network, Spatial Analysis,  Urban Complexity, Network Analysis, Urban Semiotics.


Salar Salah Muhy Al-Din,

Faculty of Architecture, design, and Fine Arts- Department of Architecture/ Girne American University, North Cyprus via Mersin- Turkey

Topics: Sustainability, acoustic design, thermal comfort & heat Island, sustainable lighting.


Mojdeh Nikoofam,

Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, Mersin 10, Turkey

Topics: Accessibility, Universal Design, Urban Equity/Justice, Public Health, Urban Morphology, Sustainability, and Urban Quality of Life.


Abdulsalam Ibrahim Shema,

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts. Department of Architecture, Girne American University

Topics: Social Sustainability, Urban Ecology, Urban Identity, Cultural Heritage, Urban Farming.


Islam Hamdi Elghonaimy,

College of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Topics: urban design - landscape architecture - sustainability - planning - building technology.


Usama Konbr,

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Tanta University, Tanta 31733, Egypt

Topics: Architecture, urbanism, sustainability, sustainable urbanism, sustainable landscaping, sustainability rating systems, sustainable building materials, smart cities, smart sustainable cities, sustainable built environment.


Dimitrios A. Karras,

National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens, Greece

Topics: Smart Cities, Sustainability, New Technologies, Digital Transformations, Digital Economy, Data Science, Intelligent Technologies, Communications And Networking, Security.


Francesco Perono Cacciafoco,

School of Humanities (SoH), Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Programme (LMS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Topics: Historical Geography, Landscape Archaeology, Toponymy and Toponomastics, Human Geography, Historical Linguistics, Social Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Urban Geography, Cartography, Topography, Cultural Anthropology.


Daiane Maria De Genaro Chiroli

Federal University of Technology - Parana, textile engineering coordination, Brazil

Topics: urban engineering, decision making, smart cities, multicriteria, humanitarian logistics, resilient cities.


Emanuele Leporelli,

Department of Energy, Systems, Land and Construction Engineering, University of Pisa – DESTeC, Italy

Topics: Green Systems, building design, sustainable Architecture, building rehabilitation,  architectural heritage,  healthy perspective, heritage building,  Structural Analysis,  graphic method, traditional building construction technologies.

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Section B: Territorial dynamics

Collins Ouma Agayi,

Konya Technical University, Türkiye

Topics: Rural Development, Rural Policy, Rural Poverty, Housing, Settlement.


Tana Ellah Kritter,

École Polytechnique d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, Algeria

Topics: Urban studies, public spaces.


Susannah Churchill Drake,

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Topics: Urbanism, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Climate-resilient design, Coastal Planning.


Parviz Azizi,

Independent Researcher

Topics: Urban and Regional Planning, Land use Planning, Spatial Planning, Decision Support systems, Urban Modelling, Land use/Land cover change, Landscape Analysis, Transportation, Urban and Regional Equity.


Ardalan Qaregozlu,

Shahr-o-Barnameh Urban and Architecture Consulting Company, Iran

Topics: Sustainability, Environment, Urban Landscape, Natural and Urban Environment, Urban Watershed, Carrying Capacity, Urban Resilience, Urban Design, Urban Planning.


Qi Zhou

School of Geography and Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences, P.R.China.

Topics: VGI, OpenStreetMap, SDGs, GIS.


Rizwan Muhammad,

Faculty of Information Science & Engineering, Department of Information Science & Engineering, Linyi University, Shandong, China

Topics: Big Data, Urban Planning, Spatial Analysis, Social Media Analysis, Smart Cities, GIS and Remote Sensing,


Qin Yuchen

Department of Architecture, University of Huaqiao, China

Topics: Urban spatial data analysis, Behavioral research and simulation, Urban Design, Urban rail transit system, Urban economic research.


Chenxi Li

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China

Topics: Economic geography, Land use planning, Regional sustainability, Urban-rural integrated development, Urban resilience.


Md Rabiul Islam

Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California Irvine, USA

Topics: GIS, Commute: Housing, BRT, Public transit.


Saroj Thapa

Environmental Resources and Policy, Southern Illinois University, USA

Topics: Remote sensing, GIS, Ecosystem, Landscape change, urbanization, phenology.


Mariusz Jedliński

Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering, Department of Management and Logistics, Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland

Topics: Logistics, City Logistics, Smart City, Sustainable Development, Quality Management.


MAria-Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz

Department of Building Structures and Geotechnical Engineering

Topics: Rehabilitation, Heritage Preservation, Masonry buildings, Housing, Sustainability.



Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau, China

Topics: regional integration, urban competitiveness, cities and globalization, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Belt and Road Initiative.


Marijan Premović,

Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History, University of Montenegro, Montenegro

Topics: History, History of Architecture, History of Urbanism, Political economy. Mediterranean Architecture and Urbanism, Heritage Studies.


LI Jiaqi,

College of Surveying and Geo-Informatics, Tongji University, China

Topics: Spatial analysis, GIS and remoting sensing, Urban Sprawl, Regional Planning, Urban Landscapes.


Saima Kalwar,

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Department of City and Regional Planning, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakitan

Topics: Urban Planning, Tourism, Conservation, Sustainable Development, Affordable Housing.


Caihong Huang,

College of Geography and Environment, Shandong Normal University, Ji’nan, China

Topics: human geography, economic geography, innovation networks, collaborative innovation, global-local innovation


Karim IbrahimAhmed Abdrabo,

Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University, Japan.‎ Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University, Egypt.

Topics: Land Use Planning, Sustainable Development, land policy, Flood Risk Reduction


Husam R. Husain,

Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science, Architecture and Urban Design Program, German University in Cairo, Egypt

Topics: Urban Transformation, Revitalization Strategies, Coastal Territories & Port-Cities, Housing Strategies


Riham Nady Faragallah,

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt

Topics: urban design, city planning, site planning, urban landscape, sustainable urban development, smart cities, housing studies, slums


Karim Ibrahim Abdrabo

Department of urban management‎, Graduate school of Engineering, Kyoto university

Topics: urban planning, land policy, disaster risk reduction, land use change, remote sensing


Mochamad Donny Koerniawan,

Department of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia

Topics: Urban Science for Energy Efficient used

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Section C: Urban Transformation studies

Mykhailo Krystopchuk,

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Ukraine

Topics: Public Transportation Systems Planning And Analysis, Public Transport, Travel Demand Modelling, Traffic Engineering, Transportation.


Vineet Diwadkar,


Topics: urban planning, strategic planning, infrastructure planning, climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, smart cities, ecological conservation, heritage conservation, asset management.


Maged Samy Zagow,

Assistant Professor - Architecture Department - Faculty of Engineering - Tanta University, Egypt

Topics: Urban Planning - Land Use - Sustainability - Architecture - Mixed-use Development.


Iovita   Vichente,

graduated from Architecture University   Bucharest, Romania

Topics: housing market,    housing projects,  individual housing,  collective housing,  urban integration of the architectural object, urban effects of the housing object.


Antonios Tsiligiannis,

JNC International s.a., Belgium

Topics: Urbanism, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Planning, Sustainability.


Anastasia M Paparis,

Anastasia M PAPARIS A.U.Th., Dipl., MSc, PhD, University College London (The Bartlett), M. Phil.

Architects & Town Planners, UK

Topics: Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, European Cultural Planning, Cultural Capitals of Europe.


Wenfeng Zheng,

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Topics: GIS and Remote Sensing, Complexity、Chaos and Dynamic Systems, Environmental science and Geophysical, Space-time cognition and intelligence, Coupled Human and Nature Dynamic System.


Nancy M. Abdel-Moneim,

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt

Topics: Urban studies, urban sociology, urban psychology, public spaces, informal settlements, conservation.


Tom Lindsay,

Urban Emergencies, Emergent Urbanism

Topics: urban resilience, climate adaptation, urban development, national urban policy, urban governance, urban design.


DUAN, Jin-yu,

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China

Topics: Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Transport Management, Transport Policy, Traffic Engineering, Urban Design.


Santi Maggio Savasta,

Xiamen University of Technology, China

Topics: architecture, urban studies, urban regeneration, design, urban design.


Alessandor Bruccoleri,

Studiobruccoleri, Italy

Topics: Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Morphology.


Simon Yue,

Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU), China

Topics: TOD and HSR/Rail Station Design Architecture, Planning and Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Public Realm, Globalism, Place Making, Mobility, Sustainability and Ecology.


Nishant Lall,

NilaA Architecture & Urban Design, The World Bank, SPA New Delhi, India

Topics: Emerging Urbanity in Cities, Resilience and Climate Change, Revitalisation.


Romina Fucà

Faculty of Economy, Department of Business Organization, School in Public Management, University of Verona, Italy

Topics: Cities development, critical strategies for urban renewal, Risk management strategies, Sustainability, new forms of urban management, town police organization and education.


Shi Yin

College of Economics and Management, Hebei Agricultural University, China

Topics: housing economics, smart cities, sustainable urban development, green building,
urban innovation and development.


Pin-Chih Wang

Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) |  Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) | Feng Chia University (FCU), Taiwan

Topics: Environmental Systems Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Management Systems, Industrial Ecology and Materials Flow Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Education and Eco/Low Carbon tourism, Climate Change, Corporate Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility.


Olayode Oyeyemi Isaac

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Transportation, Big Data, Public Transportation, Machine learning.


Piotr Kisielewski,

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Rail Vehicles & Transport, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Topics: City public transport, transport planning, transport logistics, ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems.


Shuyi XIE

Department of Architecture, Huaqiao University, China

Topics: urban shrinkage, urban regeneration, urban renewal, urbanization, population contraction, urban morphology, urban conservation, heritage studies, globalization, villages and small towns, rural studies, urban landscape, sustainable development.


Stefan Denda

Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijić" of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department of Social Geography, Serbia

Topics: tourism, political geography, quality of life, sustainability.


Mohsen Momenitabar

Department of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance, College of Business, NDSU, Fargo, ND, USA

Topics: Operations Management, Public Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Shared Mobility.


Syed Ale Raza Shah

Faculty of Economics, School of Economics and Finance Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Topics: Sustainable Urbanization, Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Environment, Green Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial sectors.


Xidong Ma

School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China

Topics: Heritage Conservation, Vernacular Architecture, Rural Planning, Habitat, Architectural History, Building Simulation.


Raluca - Andreea Felseghi

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

Topics: renewable energy, clean technology, Sustainable Development, energetic efficiency, circular economy.


Sara Khelil

Faculty of science and technology, Department of Architecture, University of Biskra, Algeria

Topics: Urban configurations, parametrise, smart cities, Biomimetic urbanism, heritage.


Hsing-Wei Tai

School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Shandong University of Technology, China

Topics: Sustainable Human Resource Development, sustainable building, Smart City, Sustainable Urban Development, Urban Transformations // Urban Regeneration.


Bacem Samet,

National Engineering School of Sfax, Department of ElectroMechanical engineering, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Topics: Vehicle sharing, logistics, manufacturing, machine learning, mathematical modelling, statistics, lean management.


Marco Tregua

Department of Economics, Management, Institutions, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Topics: Business management, innovation management, tourism marketing.


Pradip Royhan,

Faculty of Business, Asia Pacific International College, Australia


Sustainability and business ethics, international trade law and Policy, Environmental Policy, Management.

Jamiu Adetola Odugbesan

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Cyprus West University, Cyprus

Topics: Urban Management, Development Economics, Sustainability, Strategic Management, Environmental Economics.


Scott Hawken

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Adelaide, Australia

Topics: urban landscape, urban megaprojects, urban design, landscape archaeology, Southeast Asia.


Marianna Charitonidou

Faculty of Art Theory and History, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

Topics: urban housing, urban history, spatial planning, post-war reconstruction, urban politics.


Mehdi Nooripoor,

Department of Rural Development Management, University of Yasouj, Iran

Topics: Rural Development, Agricultural Extension, Social Sciences.


Mariano Soler-Porta,

Faculty of Business and Economics, Accounting department, Universidad de Malaga, Spain

Topics: Innovation, Rural, NEETs, Business, Youth.


Bernard Saw Lip Huat,

Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Malaysia

Topics: thermal management, smart cities, ventilation, energy efficiency, renewable energy.


Chun-chang Lee

Professor, Department of Real Estate Management, National Pingtung University, Taiwan   No. 51, Mingsheng East Road, Pingtung, Taiwan

Topics: real estate economics, housing brokerage industry, real estate ethics, urban renewal, difference-in-difference.


Narmin Babazadeh Asbagh,

Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus.

Topics: Heritage Studies, Heritage Preservation, Tourism and Economical Sustainability, Mediterranean Architecture and Urbanism, Rehabilitation.


Abdollah Mobaraki,

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture, Cyprus International University, Mersin 10, Turkey

Topics: Urban Design, Urban Heat Island, Urban Morphology, Sustainable Development.


Marc D. Sutton Segura,

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Topics: Architecture, Urban Planning, Sustainable Design, Architectural Theory, Terrain Vague, Housing.


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