Call for Papers: Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, Volume 8, No. 1


Call for Papers:
Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, Volume 8, No. 1

We are excited to announce the call for papers for the upcoming issue of Volume 8, No. 1 of the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs. This issue focuses on the dynamic and increasingly important field of Urban Economics and its Socio-Economic Dimensions.

Themes and Topics:
- The interplay between urban economic policies and socio-economic outcomes.
- Impact of urbanization on economic growth and income distribution.
- Sustainable urban economic development and its social implications.
- Urban housing markets, affordability, and socio-economic diversity.
- Economic geography and the role of cities in regional development.
- Innovations in urban economic planning and its socio-economic impacts.

- Role of Digital Transformation in Urban Economies

- Urban Transportation Economics and Social Equity

- Climate Change and Urban Economic Resilience

- Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Development

- Migration Patterns and Urban Labor Markets

- Urban Tourism Economics and Community Development

- Economics of Urban Health and Wellbeing

- Technology Startups and Urban Economic Revitalization

- Urban Agriculture and Economic Sustainability

- The Influence of Cultural Industries on Urban Economies

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: 31/05/2024
Publication Date: 30/06/2024
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